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Virgin River
By Robyn Carr
MIRA Books
Reviewed by: Terry South

Melinda Monroe is a nurse and midwife, her husband Mark Monroe was murdered during a convenience store robbery. Melinda reads a want ad wanting a Midwife/Nurse Practioner in Virgin River with a population of only six hundred and includes a rent free cabin. She decides this might just be the perfect place for her to heal her heartache and also might be just the place for her nursing career. She accepts the job as the Doctors assistant in this small town. When she arrives nothing was as she expected or as advertised, the cabin is dilapidated and a wreck, and the old Doc Mullins does not even want her. She did receive a warm welcoming from Jack, the restaurant owner, but she still decides this was a mistake and makes the decision to leave, but her plans quickly change when she discovers the newborn left on the Doc’s front porch steps. Has she found the escape she was looking for, or has she discovered her home?

The main characters are Melinda, Doc Mullins, and Jack, whom is in love with Melinda, but he is being patient as he recognizes that her heart still belongs to another man.

The story line is solid; the characters are likeable as well as believable. Virgin River is a fabulous book that is addictive reading. There is so much packed into this book including Melinda’s adventure, great characters, and passion. I highly recommend curling up with this book.
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