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Slaying the Mouse: A True Story of Healing in the Spiritual Realms
by Wendy Stofan Halley
Non-fiction, 144 pages, $18.00
ISBN: 1847283993
Reviewed by Terry South for Quality Book Reviews

Wendy Stofan Halley is a talented practitioner as well as a talented writer, she is a practitioner in the indigenous healing methods and has the unique ability to be in touch with another persons subconscious by spiritual means. Slaying the Mouse is a true story that will astound as well as amaze you. You will learn how Wendy was able to help a nineteen year old man whom she calls Jason in order to protect his identity his name has been changed. Wendy’s brother Tim is dating Jason’s sister and they need Wendy’s help, so Wendy’s father calls to ask for the much needed help. Her father does not quite understand exactly what she does but he has enormous faith in her abilities.

Jason has slipped into a deep coma and Wendy develops a spiritual connection with him to help him heal over the distance that separates them. Wendy’s ability allows her to spiritually connect with Jason, talk with him, and to help him begin to face and understand his fears and to overcome those fears. The story is an account of roughly a nine month spiritual healing process. Wendy’s is in constant contact with the family via email and is a very compassionate and caring lady. Have you ever wondered what patients know or hear while being in a coma state? What happens at the subconscious level? What experiences they may have while in the coma? Do they know you are there? Can they hear you when you speak to them?

Wendy Stofan Halley has penned a remarkable and miraculous story. She has developed a writing style that flows smoothly and includes vivid details which creates a powerful sensory image with the reader. The story is emotional, uplifting and a intriguing and engaging read. I found no faults and think both the concept and writing as a whole was excellent. The author writes the story in a first person narrative style which is superbly written.

I highly recommend Slaying the Mouse to everyone who has a desire to be amazed by a true story that will truly leave you in a state of awe.

Reading this title was a great pleasure!
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Living The Truth
by Keith Ablow, MD
Little, Brown and Company
ISBN: 978-0-316-01781-7
Self-help, 307 pages, $25.99
Reviewed by Terry South for Armchair Interviews

Dr. Keith Ablow tells as well as shows us how ignoring or even burying painful memories and experience can affect every aspect of our lives negatively. In “Living The Truth” he presents strategies and exercises to help you transform the pain of the past into the power of your future.

In the beginning he describes this as “your journey” as being one of a working partnership with him. He presents you with exercises where you write down your thoughts and feelings as well as answering questions throughout the entire book. You are able to write your answers within the pages of the book itself as he has provided adequate space with lined pages. If you prefer to preserve your copy to pass onto a friend or family member I would suggest you record your answers within a journal or a notebook, plus this will provide privacy so no one else sees what you have answered.

Dr. Ablow’s core message is that no one has a perfect life and states that everyone has pain in which they must overcome. He has many strategies to help you overcome the negatives and to face your conflicts head on which will give you more control over your life experiences. He describes his book as his “most ambitious attempt to help people do what I finally did – face the truth about the past, however uncomfortable, sad, or frightening – and experience the remarkable power that comes from that journey.”

Living The Truth is a book that tells you as well as shows you how to change your life. This book is idea for the people who feel their lives are way off track, maybe feeling a little depressed, down on their luck, or even just the general down feeling, or the feeling of everything in your life is going wrong. Or for those of us that wish to make a positive change in our lives. He has a very easy reading style, while incorporating explanations, examples and simple steps to follow. He beams with positive energy. I highly recommend reading it and giving it a try, you have nothing to lose except maybe some pain.

Dr. Ablow is a powerful writer and he empowers you to embrace reality about the painful times of your life experiences. He describes to us how to face our own individual life stories and to feel the pain and then push forward and grow beyond the pain. This is a journey of self-discovery which he presents in such a concise way making one want to live the truth. I found the exercises to be very helpful and I have started Living The Truth. He is one of the leading voices in America on healing and delivering the message that no one has a perfect life. Why not start your self-discovery by choosing to Live The Truth today.

Keith Ablow, MD., psychiatrist and host of the Dr. Keith Ablow Show, and is a New York Times best-selling author. He graduated from
Brown University and the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and is on the faculty of New England Medical Center in Boston, he has appeared on the Today show and many other shows numerous times, and is a leading authority in his field.

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The Eye of Alloria
by Rae Lindley
ISBN: 978-0-9793674-0-3
Illustrated Novella, 107 pages
Reviewed by Terry South for Quality Book Reviews

The Eye of Alloria takes place in the late 21st century here on Earth. With new technological advances man has been able to create machines that merge with bodies of their fallen comrades.

After the banning of technology the ruler of Orland, Saron Bravewind learns his daughter has an incurable illness. Saron is now on the search of finding a higher life to help his daughter. Will he find what he is looking for or will he find something so unthinkable?

Lindley has penned a novella that encompasses both fantasy and science fiction. Her characters are interesting and distinctive. She has a great imagination as well as the ability to ignite the imagination of her readers. The Eye of Alloria contains two of Lindley’s talents; her artwork enhances the plot, each complimenting the other.

Rachel “Rae” Lindley is a writer, artist and filmmaker. She currently resides in Phoenix, Arizona.

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Bridge of the Gods
book 1 of 6
by Len Robertson
ISBN: 0-595-12418-6 $26.95
Reviewed by Terry South for Quality Book Reviews

The Bridge of the Gods follows Mary Brown, a middle aged divorced mother that finds her life turned upside down. One Saturday morning she finds herself not only carjacked but kidnapped as well. She is taken into the world of Galatia. Here she finds herself in a new body with new abilities and a new fate that awaits her.

Mary learns she has been wisked away to this new world in order to save it. But Mary’s life becomes more complicated when she meets Fred as his expectations of her saving the world are stern. Will Mary be able to save this world with her new found abilities?

Robertson has developed a steady plot as well as some very interesting characters. Bridge of the Gods is an entertaining read, although the book has a few typos, it is very well written. I look forward to reading book 2.
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Rant: An Oral Biography of Buster Casey
by Chuck Palahniuk
ISBN: 978-0-385-51787-4
$24.95 319 pages
Review by Terry South for Quality Book Reviews

I am having a really rough time writing a review for this one. I could sum the review up in 2 words or 20 pages. The 2 words are: Mind Blowing, this is one book that I will keep and add to my collection. Words just really cannot describe how I felt reading this. I have never read anything by Chuck Palahniuk and really had never heard of him until requesting this one for review, needless to say I am adding him to my favorite author list, and will be dishing out some major bucks to get all of his earlier books. (lol)

Will try to have the review up by this weekend, even if it is the two words above MIND BLOWING as this was one mind blowing experience and my head is still spinning and the wheels in my brain are ever so constantly turning.

As you can see the cover art is intriguing and enticing which originally drew me to read the blurb in the catalog before requesting this one for review.

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The Sacred Bones
By Michael Byrnes
ISBN: 0061146072
$24.95 – Hardcover – 304 pages
Harper Collins Publishers
Reviewed by Terry South for Quality Book Reviews

The Sacred Bones is set at the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. An ancient artifact is stolen from a vault beneath the Temple Mount. The theft has left many soldiers and policemen dead, leaving the Palestinians angry; tensions run high between the Israelis and the Palestinians.Charlotte Hennesey, an American forensic scientist has been hired by the Vatican to examine the ossuary which contains the bones of an unknown man who was crucified. Charlotte is joined by Giovanni Bersei, an Italian anthropologist and together they uncover forensic and genetic data that lead them to wonder if the bones could be those of Jesus.

As Charlotte and Giovanni become closer to solving the true identity of the man in which these bones once belonged, the Vatican’s security begins to have a much greater watchful eye on her. Are the bones discovered those of Jesus? Will the Vatican allow the information on the discovering or keep the secrets hidden? With her identifying the man these bones once belonged to, will Charlotte be silenced?

Byrnes has penned a superbly crafted debut novel that tantalizes with a sense of drama and of suspense as the story races forward. It is evident that he has done a great deal of research which combines historical fact and protreptic fiction. Byrnes novel is powerful and opens an emotional vein in you leaving you with the desire to read through to the end.

Michael Byrnes currently resides in New Jersey with his wife and two daughters. Byrnes attended Montclair State University in NJ and earned his undergraduate degree in marketing, and later his graduate degree in business administration at Rutgers. The Sacred Bones is his debut novel.

This was one explosive and thrilling 5 star read and one genuine page-turner to the very end.

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The Black Sheep
by Yvonne Collins and Sandy Rideout
ISBN: 978-1-4231-0156-7
YA, Fiction: Ages 12 and up
Hyperion Books for Children
Reviewed by Terry South for Quality Book Reviews

The Black Sheep is a funny and entertaining read. The setting is New York and then off to California. It begins as Kendra Bishop a fifteen year old who has had enough of her parents and all their rules; they even keep a binder filled with these rules. There is a reality TV show that offers teens a chance to swap families, so Kendra decides to write to the show for her chance to get away from it all. The winner is chosen on the basis of the most pathetic letter written, Kendra is excited to find she has actually won.

Kendra is taken from her apartment in Manhattan to California to live with the Mulligan family. They are so different, the parents are both hippies, have five children and a pet ferret. Kendra learns quickly the chaos of sharing a bathroom with so many, having to watch her belongings, and living with a ferret that wants to sleep in her bed. But her biggest problem is the pushy producer who will do anything to get higher ratings. And to top all of this Kendra falls for one of the Mulligan’s, Mitch who is seventeen and despises everything this show stands for. Will Kendra win Mitch over or will things continue to decline for her?

Yvonne Collins and Sandy Rideout bring us a cast of characters who are engaging and winsome. The story is well crafted and pulls the reader into the conflicted feelings and reasoning of Kendra so well.
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Mr. Sebastian and the Negro Magician
by Daniel Wallace
ISBN: 978-0-305-52109-3 $21.95
Fiction, July 2007
Reviewed by Terry South for Quality Book Reviews

The stories setting is a rural southern one, and the story occurs in the middle of the twentieth century. It begins in May of 1954, Henry is just a boy and he meets with a devilish magician named Mr. Sebastian. Mr. Sebastian teaches Henry magic and all the secrets pertaining to the magic. But at what price will Henry have to pay for those magic lessons?

Daniel Wallace is a master story teller and we eventually learn the true identities of Henry and Mr. Sebastian and the tragic events that occurred throughout the story. The story is told by many of the different characters, and Wallace has a skill of using each of these characters in telling Henry’s story.

Wallace writes with impact and the story is superbly crafted with twists and turns leaving you with a great sense of anticipation, making this a real page turner. The conclusion is one that will leave you breathless.

Daniel Wallace was born in Birmingham, Alabama. He attended Emory University and the University of North Carolina, and now lives in Chapel Hill, North Carolina with his wife and son. Daniel Wallace is the author of Four novels: Mr. Sebastian and The Negro Magician, Big Fish, Ray in Reverse and The Watermelon King. And Mr. Sebastian and the Negro Magician, will be published by Doubleday in July 2007.

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The Opium Of The People
by J Alan Erwine
Nomadic Delirium Press
ISBN: 1-4196-2588-8 $15.99
Fiction, 156 pages
Reviewed by Terry South for Quality Book Reviews

The Opium Of The People is the third edition of the novel to be printed. Along with corrections made to the two prior editions there was a change to the cover art, the cover is a piece from the artist Laura Givens entitled “Come to Jesus”.

The Opium Of The People’s basic premise of the novel was intriguing. This is a story of how the world as we know it could very well change. What if the American government was overthrown, what would we or could we do? The author tells a story of the American people falling under the control of what he calls “a radical right-wing fundamentalist christian government”. This new government is ruled by the Grand Patriarchs who take away freedom and enforces a law that we would never have imagined possible. He tells of a world full of gloom, torture and one filled with danger for all. He also tells of how the best of people must resort to extreme measures in an effort to regain control of their futures before its too late. Or is it too late? You will have to pick up a copy and read this one for yourself, as mentioned at the beginning of the review this is the third printing of the title and was originally written and published before the current crisis we face now happened.

J Alan Erwine has a plot line that is creative, and he exhibits excellent writing skills and can effectively tell a story. The characters are multidimensional and realistic. Although the book still has a few errors and typos, it is very well written.

J Alan Erwine currently resides in Colorado. He has published more than three dozen short stories and has published 2 short story collections.

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Must Of Got Lost
by Jerry Girard
ISBN: 978-1-59872-795-1
Reviewed by: Gary

This is one great book, if you love the music from the late 70s and early 1980s you will really want to pick this up and read it.

The author mentions alot of wonderful artists like Aerosmith, Alice Cooper, Kiss ZZ Top, and many, many more. Reading this book brought back such great memories from a wonderful time in my life.

The book also tells the story of Mick and the split of his parents where at least he is able to turn to his friends and garage band members for support, like so many of us back in the day. That time in our lives when friends, girls, and rock and roll were what was the most important things to us rockers. Our music, concerts and fun and hanging out and listening to music and some of us even trying to be band members ourselves.

The author has a way of writing that will take you back to those days, remembering the great bands, the club life, and the greatest concerts of all time. I highly recommend this for all those who love the best music from the best years. And for all the rock and roll fans everywhere.

Jerry you rock!
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JK Rowling’s last book in the Harry Potter series, Book 7 “Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows”

The scheduled release date is July 21, 2007.

Sales are expected to be quite high so I suggest if you want the last in the Harry Potter series that you pre-order your copy today. I pre-ordered my copy over 2 months ago and am anxious for the release date.

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Edgar Font’s Hunt For A House To Haunt
Adventure One: The Castle Tower Lighthouse
by Patrick H. T. Doyle
Reviewed by Terry South for Quality Book Reviews

An enchanting story that introduces Garrett and Audrey to some pretty wondrous adventures that delivers a positive message to children everywhere. Garret and Audrey are brother and sister, and as they head to China to join their father they have no clue of the great adventure that lies ahead. The children usually stay with their aunt while their father is off on his trips as an architect but this year the children’s aunt is asked to join their father for the summer in China. The children end up spending most of their time with Edgar Font, their grandfather. Edgar is on a quest of finding the perfect place to haunt when he passes away, and their summer adventures begin, their adventures will be remembered a lifetime. Their first adventure begins at an abandoned lighthouse which is full of puzzles, ghosts and mystery. As their adventure continues through the lighthouse they must rely on everything they know and the lessons that they have learned along the way to ensure they will make it out without being harmed.

The Castle Tower Lighthouse is a children’s book that everyone will fall in love with no matter your age. The author writes with such skill that lights an imaginitative spark in the reader. The illustrations are absolutely wonderful and the message the story delivers is of a positive one. This is sure to be a series you will want to keep and treasure for years to come. I intend to collect each in the series for my grandson to enjoy, which I am sure will ignite another book lover in our family. I cannot wait until Edgar Font’s Hunt For a House To Haunt Adventure Two: The Fakersville Power Station comes out in July. I am ready to enjoy another great adventure with Edgar Font on his search for the perfect place to haunt.

You will not want to miss the website and blog devoted to Edgar Font, they will add to your enjoyment, check them out at:



The blogspot gives you so much informative information, which includes how the author came up with the story. Here you will find the information about Edgar Font, Audrey and Garrett. Be sure to read the top 10 questions that are asked relating to the story as you will find some very interesting facts.

The Edgar Font series is highly recommended for everyone. It has been such an honor and a pleasure to be able to review such a treasure that will be added to my collection to pass on from generation to generation. A message to the author: not only have you created such a great story for children, you have accomplished reaching readers of all ages with this series and need to be commended. I personally thank you, Bravo!

The author has created a treasured collection for readers of all ages!!!!!

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Lethally Blond
by Kate White
ISBN-13: 978-0446577953
Bailey Weggins Mystery, 336 pages
Reviewed by Terry South for Quality Book Reviews

Lethally Blond is by Cosmopolitans magazine editor in chief Kate White. A Bailey Weggins Mystery.

Bailey Weggins is the Buzz gossip magazine reporter, she reports celebrity crimes. She is asked to hunt down a missing actor by an old friend. Tom Fain has disappeared and Chris Wickersham and Tom both are on the TV show called Morgue. But when Tom vanishes without a trace Chris contacts Bailey to help track Tom down.

Bailey and Chris soon learn that Tom has been having an affair with the producers girlfriend and that he has recently withdrawn seven thousand dollars cash. Bailey turns up a lead which takes her to Tom’s family home in New York. What she finds is a deceased Tom, now it seems as if the TV show Morgue may be reality TV. What other disappearances are in store for Bailey from the Morgue? Will Bailey and Chris’s old flame re-ignite? What lies ahead for Bailey? To get the answers to these questions I post you will need to read Lethally Blond, you will not be disappointed.

Kate White has a good plot and the characters are detailed and believable. White writes with a flare for telling a story that is humorous and entertaining. This is a superbly crafted read and is a genuine page turner that offers a mix of romance and mystery.

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Simple Genius
By David Baldacci
ISBN-10: 0446580341
ISBN-13: 978-0446580342
Washington Political Thriller, 432 pages
Reviewed by Terry South, Quality Book Reviews

The setting is Washington, D.C. and Virginia, and it all begins when Michelle Maxwell who is struggling with emotional problems and finds herself in the midst of a barroom brawl and ends up being arrested and put in jail. Michelle agrees to seek therapy in a psychiatric private clinic. Michelle has some demons that haunt her and she must seek help before it is to late, or before someone ends up dead.

Sean King is Michelle’s partner, they both are former Secret Service Agents, and as Sean watches Michelle’s decline he is in need of some very needed extra funds which he is lacking. Sean accepts an assignment from an old girlfriend at her Investigation Agency and takes on the new assignment which is to investigate a mysterious death in Virginia. His assignment takes him to a place called Babbage Town where he investigates the shooting near the CIA training center. As the investigation continues Sean begins to discover more accidents and apparent suicides that have taken place.

Michelle checks out of the psychiatric facility and teams up with Sean in Virginia. As the story continues to unfold Sean and Michelle are up against major corruption and must save an innocent girl before time runs out and they must expose the corruption that is occurring at the CIA training camp before it is to late. Will they be able to save Viggie, and will they unlock the hidden dangerous secrets that seem to be locked in her memory? What is this major corruption? Is our nation safe?

David Baldacci’s characters are finely tuned and are well developed, compelling and memorable. He has a gripping plot and incorporates twists and turns that will shock you. Baldacci has done a wonderful job in creating a thriller that is thought provoking and he manages to wrap everything up effortlessly so it all comes together. Reviewing this title was a great pleasure and is a highly recommended read.

Quality Book Reviews
Quality Book Reviews

The Wish Club
by Kim Strickland
Three Rivers Press
Crown Publishing Group
Reviewed by: Terry South for Bookpleasures

Wish Club is a zany and witty story that you are sure to love. It involves five women, Claudia, Lindsay, Gail, Mara and Jill who are members of a book club. Their book club seems just like any other book club, five women sitting around talking, drinking wine, and even discussing the book they have been reading. Things in their book club had been going rather well until one of the women in the group introduces a book on witchcraft. Being out of the norm, the women are intrigued and decide to go ahead and try their luck at casting a few spells. They start out with a small spell that is to chant and the rain will stop; then they begin to chant and the rain does indeed stop. Due to their success they then decide to cast a spell on a cat that is a diabetic and the cat heals, its a miracle. The women decide to embrace their new found powers, now they begin to pursue their new powers further. The women decide to just make wishes to help out themselves in their daily lives, they wish for money, creativity, a baby, time to themselves and a perfect man. This all should be harmless as they are only focusing in on positive thinking and making wishes right?

Now instead of being called the book club they are the wish club. Claudia is a school teacher and wishes to have a baby of her own as soon as possible, she also wants to write a novel. Gail is a housewife and a mother of three and she wishes to have peace and quite time and to get her life back. Lindsay is a socialite and has a trust fund, she wishes to lose weight and wants to be in the Women’s Foundation spring fashion show. While Mara, a former singer wishes for money and to resume her singing career once again; and Jill, an artist wishes for creativity and inspiration, and a perfect man in her life.

As the Wish Club members get all too consumed with casting spells in order to improve the various areas of their lives they find themselves in a web of wishes that have gone haywire. What started as an innocent and fun set of small spells has now turned their lives inside out, and everything is out of control. Now they turn to the only person they can think of who might be able to help them get their lives back under control and regain some normalcy, a real witch, someone who can undo what they have done, undo their spells, and finally return their lives back to normal.

Kim Strickland is a pilot for a major airline flying 767s. Kim Strickland lives in Chicago with her husband, her twin boys, two cats and a dog.

Kim Strickland has developed her characters so well and they are so believable and charming and funny. The story line is great, and I can find no faults with this novel. It has been very well written, (cleverly written) and is highly entertaining. Wish Club is an enchanting read, I am recommending it for our reading group. The story is funny, smart and so intriguing. This is a perfect book club read. It is a magical, intriguing, humorous story and give it an astounding 5 stars.

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The Bone Whistle
by Eva Swan
Juno Books
ISBN 10: 0-8095-5792-4
ISBN 13: 978-0-8095-5792-9
208 pages, $12.95
Reviewed by Terry South for Bookpleasures

The setting is Lakota reservation in Greenview, South Dakota. Darly is a twenty year old and lives with her mother just outside of Denver. Every summer she accompanies her mother to an isolated cabin on the edge of Lakota reservation in South Dakota. This is no way for a college student to spend her summer vacation.

Darly is bored and has made the decision that this will be the last year she will accompany her mother to the reservation. Darly likes seeing Grandpa Jack and this year he gives her a bone whistle that has two blue feathers attached, he tells Darly when she gets good and bored to blow the whistle. She waits all of two weeks before blowing the whistle and learns the truth about her family and her father. She had believed her father was dead, but he is not dead nor human, but is wanaghi. Wanaghi are a shape changing people who left their tribes centuries before and now live in a magical land beneath the hill.

On the search for her father she is accompanied by Osni, but what she finds is a conflict among the wanaghi. Now she must choose her heart and feelings she has developed for Osni or her family. Will Darly be able to resolve the conflict between them? Before anything else she must discover own powers which puts her on a path of self-discovery.

Eva Swan combines both Native American and Celtic legends into a romantic fantasy. The author takes us through the story by different character perspectives. Her characters are believable and she maintains a good plot. This is Eva Swans debut fantasy novel, the only problem I found was that as a reader you need to pay attention as the author has point of view changes into different characters perspective which can cause some confusion while reading. I truly enjoyed the both the Native American and Celtic concepts she has incorporated into the story.

Eva Swan is the pseudonym for the author, editor, and artist, who is of Native American descent, who currently reside in England. I was unable to locate a website for the author to include with the review.

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Gun Shy
by Ben Rehder
St. Martin's
ISBN: 0-312-35752-4
Reviewed by: Terry South

Gun Shy is the fifth novel in this mystery series featuring game warden John Marlin. The setting is Blanco County, Texas and it begins as the National Weapons alliance and director Dale Stubbs gear up for the big rally. The rally is supporting Americans with the right to carry concealed weapons. This is a controversial subject to say the least, but the author has brought humor into the mix and makes light of both sides, remember this is a work of fiction. This rally is expected to be on a grand scale and the NWA's spokesman is none other than Mitch Campbell.

Mitch is hosting the rally at his Blanco County ranch and will be performing the NWA's anthem and his number one hit single "My Cold Dead Hands", but he is no real cowboy, in fact he is an impostor; his agent thought the persona would boost his record sales, deceitful yes. This deceit could end up in a disaster or could make Mitch a big hit. Mitch's true identity is that of Norman Klienschmidt from Middlebury, Vermont so he is not even from Texas. Will Mitch be able to keep up his hidden identity or will he falter and make a huge mistake?

Due to Mitch's devious actions and all too fake persona, he has turned to drugs to cope and the drugs are clouding his thinking. He soon becomes paranoid, believing his life is in danger and ends up shooting his gardener. But when the dead Mexican turns up, game warden John Marlin and law enforcement officials are on the case. As Marlin begins checking into the murder a new series of events begin taking place, these events may bring Mitch down as well as the NWA.

Rehder has well developed characters, a strong story line with a very good plot as well as sub-plots. He has created some unexpected twists that will keep you guessing. Rehder does not take an extreme position on questions of gun control and he pokes fun at both sides equally in the book. He presents a comical crime fiction series, that is humorous and entertaining.

It was a great pleasure to review such a witty crime fiction series. I now need to get the other four books in this series. This was the first title I have reviewed from this author and now am hooked. If your looking for a humorous and entertaining read I highly recommend picking up a copy of Gun Shy as it is an enjoyable read.

I believe this deserves a big star with 5 points, (here I am trying to be humorous). A definite 5 stars!

Quality Book Reviews

The Strangeling
by Saskia Walker
Juno Books
ISBN: 978-0-8095-5793-6 $9.95
Reviewed by Terry South for Bookpleasures

The setting is Edren a fantasy world created by the author who has a magical imaginative spark in storytelling.

The Strangeling is an erotic fantasy novel that revolves around Maerose, a beautiful young woman with magical powers. Maerose is the heroine and Bron is her hero. Bron is an elder and goes on the quest of rescuing Maerose from her captor, Veldor who is a former elder himself. Veldor’s intentions are malicious as he seeks to mate with Maerose in order to master the demons and rule the lands.

Veldor is knowledgeable on the prophecy made around 100 years ago; the prophecy is one of a chilling nature where the undead armies of Crondor and Yaxlan rise up from the underworld with great power. As the prophecy has foretold of a maiden that can save the forest and the elders all believe this to be Maerose due to the revelations revealed about the prophecy. Will good conquer evil or will evil prevail in this fascinating fantasy?

The Strangeling is a short fantasy novel that is packed with vivid details and a precise amount of action. Walker writes the story with impact and the story is a superbly crafted erotic fantasy. The characters are well developed with detail and the author manages to tie the characters together well.

This is the first of the author’s works I have had the pleasure of reviewing and have to admit I am hooked. I look forward to her new release next month which is also a fantasy entitled “Unveiling The Sorceress”.

Saskia Walker is a British author of erotic romance, fantasy and erotica. Her idea for this novel began at a tender age of between 8 and 9 when she first became interested in paganism and her parents took her to visit Stonehenge.

Saskia Walker earned her BA with honors from the University of Sussex, and has a MA in Literature and Visual Arts from the University of Reading. She currently resides north of London with her true love Mark.

A Magical 5 stars for The Stangeling!

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Quality Book Reviews
Quality Book Reviews

Anatomy of Fear
By Jonathan Santlofer
ISBN: 978-0-06-088197-9 $24.95
William Morrow
An Imprint of Harper Collins
10 East 53rd St., New York, NY 10022
Reviewed by Terry South for Bookpleasures

As an added bonus be sure to check out the video trailer starring the author Jonathan Santlofer and his artwork:

(also on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DaL97PkP1hs)

Also check out the HarperCollins sweepstakes where the winner gets their portrait sketched by Jonathan Santlofer:

The setting is New York and Terri Russo a detective for the NYPD is called to the scene of a murder where she discovers a sketch of the victim alongside the body. Russo is aided in her investigation by Nate Rodriguez, the police sketch artist.

Nate’s father was an undercover narc for the NYPD, Nate still very much disturbed by his fathers death, has managed to avoid doing any on the scene police work. All this is about to change as Nate is drawn into the case, and maybe even further than he could have imagined. Nate begins piecing together the face of the killer and he himself then becomes a target.

The killer also sketches people, his victims, and he uses his abilities to turn the investigation in a different direction. You will find this story erupts with some explosive twists, so hold on for a heart pounding ride.

Jonathan Santlofer is also an artist and has his works displayed in several locations including museums. He received his Masters of Fine Arts from Pratt Institute. Santlofer began writing in 1989 after a gallery fire claimed five years of his works. Anatomy of Fear contains both of his talents; his artwork enhances the strong compelling and intriguing plot, each complementing the other.

Santlofer has a steady flow of action and suspense with enough twists and turns to leave you with anticipation. The characters are distinctive and interesting with qualities that make them believable. The scenes are written with such a compelling impact that is gripping and makes this a genuine page turner to the end.

A guaranteed 5 star read.

Quality Book Reviews

Lost Echoes
By Joe R. Lansdale
Crime thriller
ISBN: 978-0-307-27544-8 $13.95
Vintage Books
A Division of Random House Inc.
1745 Broadway, New York, NY 10019
Reviewed by Terry South for Bookpleasures

Lost Echoes is a story about a man named Harry Wilkes, who at the tender age of six came down with the mumps and developed a severe ear infection which affected his brain. Harry’s mind would fill with images of past crimes and he could see the events taking place as well as see the faces of the people involved in the crimes. Harry eventually develops a taste for alcohol as it helps him to suppress the images as well as the sounds contained within his mind.

Harry is in a bar one evening when he notices three men taking a drunk out through the back. Harry knows what is getting ready to happen and decides to step in. The drunk is Tad Peters and immediately he and Harry become friends. Soon after Kayla, Harry’s first love comes back into his life, now a police officer she is determined to find her fathers’ killers. With Harry’s ability he soon figures out that the men responsible for Kayla’s fathers’ death are connected to other unsolved murders.

Joe R. Lansdale has penned several novels in the genres of suspense, horror and westerns. He has won many awards throughout his career. He currently resides in Texas with his wife and children.

Lansdale writes scenes with high impact and vivid details and accounts. He incorporates the correct intrusive amount of twists and turns that leave you breathless and drawing you into the heart of the story. The characters are so believable and you feel as if you have known them for quite some time, he is descriptive and adds that human touch to his characters.

An indubious 5 star read.

Quality Book Reviews

Pattern of Vengeance
A Maria Sanchez Thriller
By C. Hyytinen
Echelon Press Publishing
9735 Country Meadows Lane 1-D
Laurel, MD 20723
ISBN: 978-1-59080-520-6 $12.99
April 2007 286 pages
Reviewed by Terry South for Quality Book Reviews

The setting begins in Minneapolis and then moves between LA, Minneapolis, as well as some scenes set in Florida. Agent Stan Bauer has been murdered and believed to have been a Mafia hit. Detective Maria Sanchez is on the case. Her partner is Tom Powders who is nearing retirement and he has been acting very odd lately, Maria is not sure what he is up too, but begins to speculate as the story continues. They believe there is a leak in the department and no one can be trusted. Special Investigator Joe Morgan is Maria’s husband of ten wonderful years.

Chief Sandra LaSalle is the new chief having moved from New York only a year ago, she is a petite redhead in her fifties and is not very well liked and has earned some names since arriving as the new Chief in Minneapolis. Due to the nature of the crimes being committed, the possibility of a leak within the department LaSalle has made the decision to assign the case to Sanchez and partners her with Morgan.

Maria was once married to Jack Sanchez known as The River Rat and was the father to her daughter Tess. He was also father to a boy named Tony, whose mother died and Maria and Joe adopted him, after all he and Tess are brother and sister. Tess is in college and is twenty years old, Tony is a teenager about sixteen. It is nearly Christmas and Tess has finished with finals and comes home to stay for a month, which is just in time as the case heats up for her parents. Will they finally be able to put an end to all the mafia’s crimes? Will anyone else die as a result of this investigation? Will the person responsible for leaking the information to Marco be discovered in time?

LaSalle brings in Etina Altmark a Russian from New York to go undercover as a runaway, she is twenty eight but looks as if she is only fifteen. Hyytinen has a way of leaving you on the edge of your seat, she has incorporated vivid details and accounts throughout the story, making this one that you have to read from front to back non-stop. The chapters are short and each chapter leaves an inevitable hook at the end leaving you with the desire to read one more and then another. The author has superbly written scenes with impact, with a steady flow of action and suspense. This story is so relentless, gripping and intriguing and a genuine page turner. The characters are so finely tuned, believable and real, you find yourself cheering them on, hoping for the best, and feel these are people you have known for quite some time. You will find yourself thinking of the characters long after finishing the book. The story erupts with explosive twists and delivers a powerful ending that will leave you breathless. This is a must read, I will warn there is mature themes including language, but I have no hesitation in saying I highly recommend reading The Maria Sanchez Thrillers. If looking for an explosive read you will not want to miss this one.

It has been a great pleasure to read and review Pattern of Vengeance and I truly cannot wait to read the first in the Maria Sanchez Thrillers, and look forward to all her new releases.

Quality Book Reviews

Toaster Pond
By Peter de Witt
ISBN: 1-933255-21-8
DNA Press
PO Box 572 Eagleville, PA 19408
Reviewed by Terry South for Bookpleasures

Toaster Pond is a wondrous adventure for children. The setting is a place called Waterville. In Waterville during the summer the teens are ready for their championship game of Hide and Seek. But this is not your normal regular game.

The story will captivate your child’s imagination. You can discover within the pages six toed fairies, as well as a wealth of different characters. The stories main characters include Doug, Skip, and Pierce, and they are on the Hide and Seek team termed the best team. Peter de Witt transports the game to a magical place of Sangerfiled, here the main characters must put their expert skills into action. Will they be able to save Sanger Castle? To find out you will need to pick up a copy of this great adventurous tale, you will not be disappointed.

Toaster Pond is a quick compact read, once your child has started they will not be able to put this one down. This is Peter de Witt’s debut and is an excellent creation and there will be a high demand for more. This is one enchanting and magical read that the entire family will want to read. This title will win the parents approval, and will be captivating families for generations to come.

Peter de Witt is an author, a adjunct professor in the Graduate School of Education at The College of Saint Rose in Albany, NY., and he is also has been teaching elementary school for eleven years. He currently resides in New York.

Quality Book Reviews

The Chronicles of the Virago
By Michael K. Bialys
Publish America
ISBN: 1424133653
Reviewed by: Terry South for Quality Book Reviews

The stories main character is Makenna, who is your typical 12 year old girl. The setting is Pasadena, California.

It all begins when Makenna is approached one evening by three fairies who tell her she is to protect her twin siblings from evil forces. The fairies arm her with an Armasword which is a powerful mystical weapon. Upon their visit they also tell her that she is the chosen one, the protector which they call the Virago. Her twin brother and sister are born with a gift of goodness and Makenna must protect them from evil, this is her quest and so the journey begins.

In this fantasy an earthworm reveals the evil force by name and that name is Sir Seaton. It is he who will be on his own quest to locate and destroy the twins preventing them from defeating pure evil in the future. Will Makenna discover Sir Seaton among the many disguises? Will she fail or prevail?

This is contemporary fantasy at its finest. A rich captivating story between good and evil with a picturesque ending where good prevails. It is both enchanting and a stimulating read for young readers, and offers vivid accounts and memorable characters. The story will excite your children and spark their imaginations, all while teaching family values. Your daughters will be cheering for Makenna, and your sons will be captivated and thrilled with the story filled within the pages.

This is a must for children, and highly recommended. It was a delightful pleasure reviewing this title and look forward to the next in the series.
Quality Book Reviews

By Lawrence Light and Meredith Anthony
ISBN: 1-933515-05-8 $23.95
Suspense/Thriller 240 pages
Oceanview Publishing
Reviewed by Terry South for Bookpleasures

Ladykiller is the debut suspense novel by Lawrence Light and Meredith Anthony, the husband and wife writing team, and what a unique writing team. They have penned a novel that is a must for crime enthusiast.

The setting is the streets of New York, and the year is 1991. Four women have been murdered from all different walks of life, including a cheerleader, stockbroker, a housewife and a prostitute. Homicide detective Dave Dillion of the NYPD is on the case and must solve these murders or risk losing his job. Dave encounters a beautiful social worker by the name of Megan Morrison, the two join forces in search for the serial killer, and romance ensues.

The press is calling the serial killer “Ladykiller”. The killer has left no clues and no trail behind to follow. The murders always take place in some out of the way place where no witnesses can be found. There are never any signs of the victim being taken against her will and no signs of a struggle with their attacker, and the murders all appear to be personal in nature. Will Dave find the killer before its too late?

Lawrence Light is an award-winning journalist and is currently the Wall Street Editor for Forbes magazine. He graduated from Columbia School of Journalism and is the author of the Karen Glick novels. He currently resides in Manhattan with his wife and co-author Meredith Anthony.

Meredith Anthony has written for a variety of sources including film, television, print and the web. She graduated from St. John’s College and also received a MA from The Johns Hopkins University.

Ladykiller is an intriguing, compelling and suspenseful crime novel packed with enticing twists and turns to keep you on the edge. The authors have created a powerful thriller that tantalizes with a sense of suspense and a steady flow of action. The characters are believable, finely developed and engaging. Ladykiller is superbly crafted with vivid detail that draws you into the story.

An astounding 5 stars!

Quality Book Reviews

The Story of Kitten Cuckoo
Written and illustrated by Ed Baker
ISBN: 1-933572-04-3
Centro Books
200 E. 90th St., New York, NY 10128
Reviewed by Terry South for Bookpleasures

The Story of Kitten Cuckoo, written and illustrated by Ed Baker is an endearing picture book with cartoonish characters that are simple yet adorable.

The story is for children of all ages, teaching children the concept of friendship. Ed Baker has developed a loosely rhyming poem to enrich this tale of an unlikely friendship. Kitten Cuckoo and a baby elephant named Paquile E. Derm are best friends, despite their obvious differences. The animals at the zoo would stare, giggle and make fun of the unlikely pair.

Paquile escapes from the zoo with Cuckoo and ends up being captured and sent to Africa. Cuckoo returns home to find Harrison Cruz has moved; now homeless he decides to do what any friend would do, travel to Africa to find his best friend. In the end he finds not only Paquile but Harrison Cruz too.

The story delivers the perfect idea of true friendship and will engage young children while teaching them not to give up on friendships formed.

You will find games, wall paper, art and other goodies located on their website at http://www.kittencuckoo.com/

The game located on their website is addicting to both children and adults alike.
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The Book of Air and Shadows
By Michael Gruber
Fiction 464 pages
ISBN: 978-0-06-087446-9
William Morrow
An imprint of Harper Collins Publishers
Reviewed by Terry South for Quality Book Reviews

What would you do if you discovered a 17th century letter and a coded message? Would the quest for answering the coded message be plausible if not risky? It all starts with a fire at a used book store and a set of valuable books become damaged, two of the employees decide to take them home to see if they can be saved. Both Albert and Carolyn squabble over some manuscript pages which Albert finds and decides that the manuscript is a letter referring to an unknown Shakespeare play.

Carolyn and Albert take the manuscript to a Shakespearean scholar by the name of Andrew Bulstrode and he offers them a small price for the pages dismissing them as being credible. Later Bulstrode meets with Jake Mishkin, an attorney to inquire to copy write only to be found dead the next day. Now in fear of his own life Mishkin is on the run from the killers. Will Mishkin be next? Where will all the clues in this thriller lead?

Michael Gruber was born in New York City and attended Columbia, earning a BA in English Literature. Gruber now resides in Seattle, Washington with his wife and his very large dog.

This read combines suspense, thrills, humor, and mystery that provides twists and turns that engages you on the search to answering the clues. Gruber has developed a unique writing style that draws you into the heart of the story, which is engaging and surprisingly humorous at times; and contains vivid accounts and detail, and is a genuinely great read. His characters are well developed, compelling and memorable. Reviewing this title was a great pleasure and is a highly recommended read.
Quality Book Reviews

The Naming Of The Dead
By Ian Rankin
Crime fiction 452 pages
ISBN: 978-0-316-05757-8
Little, Brown and Company
Hachette Book Group
237 Park Ave., New York, NY 10169
Reviewed by Terry South for Quality Book Reviews

The setting is Edinburg, Scotland, the year is 2005. And the story begins as everyone is watching for the upcoming G8 summit. Reinforcements are called in from all over the country as a few hundred thousand demonstrators have come to protest poverty aimed at the World leaders. Detective Inspector John Rebus is originally stay on the sidelines away from the scene, but as luck would have it a routine murder investigation turns up with a clue that throws him right in the middle of things.

Rebus and his partner Clarke are on the case and due to the clues they are turning up believe they may have a serial killer. All the while tensions are running high between Rebus and Special Branch Commander Steelforth. The investigation leads to many questions of suicide or murder. Crime fiction enthusiasts will not want to miss this one. This is an astounding 5 stars!

Ian Rankin was born in the Kingdom of Fife and graduated from the University of Edinburg. The first of his Rebus novels, “Knots & Crosses” was published in 1987. Rankin is the UK’s number one best-selling crime writer and lives in Edinburg with his wife and their two sons.

Naming of The Dead won the Worldbooks Crime Thriller of the Year Award. Ian Rankin has developed an intriguing plot that is loaded with twists and turns, and has created some very witty and memorable characters. Looking for a great read that holds your attention through to the end, that is difficult to put down and is a real page turner, then this is a must read, especially for the crime fiction enthusiasts every where. Reviewing this title was a great pleasure, and I look forward to all his works for years to come.
Quality Book Reviews

13 Bullets
A Vampire Tale
by David Wellington
Fiction 323 pages
Three Rivers Press an imprint of the Crown Publishing Group,
A division of Random House, Inc., New York
ISBN: 978-0-307-38143-9 $13.95
Reviewed by Terry South for Quality Book Reviews

Do you really believe in vampires? Would you be willing to seek out their lair knowing that you were a sensitive? Such questions had never entered Laura Claxton's mind. Until she met US Marshall Jameson Arkeley, that would devastate her life as she knows it, her thinking and beliefs are all about to change.

The story begins in 1983; Special Deputy Jameson Arkeley and his partner Webster are on a stake out outside a diner where Piter Byron Lares is inside talking with the waitress. What happens next is rich with moments of terror and the horrifying events that follow will leave you breathless. Lares takes everyone in the diner out in a matter of seconds, Arkeley is in for a terrifying ride of his life. Lares takes Arkeley after killing most of the SWAT team, when Arkeley comes to he finds he is in a ships hold and focuses in on five coffins, only one is empty. The other four coffins contain decaying remains, Arkeley fight for his life, and removes Lares heart and as the sun comes up he burns the boat, believing he had killed them all.

But one single survivor remained, Justinia Malvern, who now has been kept alive at a sanitarium in Pennsylvania. Arkeley believed all the terror was over, he was dead wrong.

Now 20 years later, Arkeley travels to Pennsylvania as a US Marshall and meets with State Trooper Laura Caxton. Arkeley partners up with Caxton to exterminate all the vampires once believed to be extinct. Malvern is being kept alive by minimal life support, the sanitarium has installed special blue lights as she is sensitive to regular lighting, she is being fed fresh blood by her caretaker who has inserted a shunt into his arm to feed her. Why has Malvern been kept alive all these years? There are bizarre laws preventing her extermination, and she seems to be of no threat, until now.

Arkeley and Caxton are on a mission to find the vampires lair and exterminate them before they can get the blood Malverne needs. Then Arkeley is kidnapped in order to use his blood to replenish Malvern's powers, Caxton must now forge ahead and destroy them before they can unleash unspeakable horrors upon everyone.

David Wellington is the author of the Monster Island trilogy, and is no stranger to this genre.

13 Bullets is the first book in the trilogy by David Wellington, and is a tantalizing wild high octane ride. Wellington weaves his plot line together and has developed some very intriguing characters. This vampire tale is relentless, gripping, powerful and a genuine page-turner, that is horrifying and rich with moments of terror.

The reader is thrust into a state of uncertainty filled with nervous anticipation as the conclusion nears to find that we must wait for the next edition to this trilogy to tie up the loose ends.

13 Bullets is a blood curdling tale to sink your teeth into. I look forward to reading his novels for years to come. Reviewing this title was a frightening pleasure. I highly recommend it to the horror fans everywhere.
Quality Book Reviews

For A Few Demons More
by Kim Harrison
Harper Collins Publishers
Fiction 456 pages
ISBN: 978-0-06-078838-4 $21.95
Reviewed by Terry South for Quality Book Reviews

Here is another wonderful exciting read from one of our myspace authors.

For A Few Demons More is the fifth installment in the Hollows series by Kim Harrison.

Rachel Morgan is a witch and freelance bounty hunter that is woken from her sleep to find a powerful demon wrecking her home and claiming she posses something of hers. Rachel resides in a sanctified church and in disbelief and being scarred that the demon can enter the church.

Rachel is an interspecies consultant for the police force which is run by humans; she is called down to the morgue to look at the bodies of murdered werewolves. Rachel starts piecing it all together and realizes the reason the women werewolves can not be traced is because they are not registered in the were registry. What does this mean, the conclusion must be they were not born as werewolves; they must have been humans that had been changed into weres.

Rachel recognizes that the Focus, which is a demon artifact she has been hiding, has been turning humans into weres spontaneously. If the artifact were to fall into the wrong hands it would start a new interspecies war between the vampires and the weres which would be disastrous for the entire world.

For A Few Demons More is an action packed fantasy delivering a mix of action, horror and imagination. And some of her characters from the series are back in this edition. Kim Harrison has introduced us to some intriguing and interesting new characters that hopefully will make appearances in future Hallows series. I will have to give praise to the author for taking risks with her characters, and with the killing of one of her main characters. Harrison has intriguing plot twists and incorporates taking her characters in such amazing directions to leave you with much anticipation of the next in the series.

Readers will not be disappointed. I look forward to reading all her novels for years to come. Reviewing this title was a delightful pleasure. I recommend it without hesitation and give it two thumbs way up. A definite 5 stars! I do highly recommend if you have not read the others in the Hallows series that you pick those up and start with the first in the series.
Quality Book Reviews

The Blue Zone
by Andrew Gross
Fiction 352 pages
William Morrow an Imprint of Harper Collins
ISBN: 978-0-06-114340-3 $25.95
Reviewed by: Terry South for Quality Book Reviews

Would you want to know your family secrets, and what skeletons lie hidden in the closet? Would you really want to know the truth if it would destroy everything you believed? What would you do if you learned your life had been a lie?

Kate Raab receives a devastating phone call from her mom, now the questions of family secrets and skeletons in the closet, and the truth enter her mind like a whirlwind. The words she heard "your father has been arrested, come quickly" made no sense to her at all. There must be some mistake, her father had no connections to the Mercado family and he didn't know anyone from Columbia, or did he? What lies ahead for Kate when the family secrets begin to unravel?

Kate soon discovers that her life has been a lie. Her family is placed into protective custody, but Kate refuses, and her contact with her family is limited as a result. Kate marries a year later and is working on regaining some normalcy to her life. She feels as if she is being watched, and is consumed by paranoia after her best friend is shot while they are leaving work. After all Kate is certain that she was the intended target, not her best friend. Kate's world is beginning to come apart.

Kate learns that her father has disappeared from the Witness Protection Program. Agents begin questioning her about her father, now she begins to think and is determined to find her family and learn the truth once and for all. Kate is surrounded by agents and wonders if they can even be trusted. Can she trust anyone? Her mind is consumed with possibilities that no one including her father and even her husband can be trusted. She decides to find out the truth and finds herself entangled in a deadly web, and is confronted with a truth that is more painful than she could ever imagined possible.

The Blue Zone is the term that the agents use when people in the Witness Protection Program come up missing. Kate has her own definition of the Blue Zone and believes that we all live within our own Blue Zone. Andrew Gross is the co-author of five bestselling thrillers with James Patterson. The Blue Zone is Gross's solo debut. I look forward to reading all his novels to come in the future.

Andrew Gross delivers an ingenious and intricately layered plot, while still creating convincing personal journeys for his characters. The Blue Zone delivers a tantalizing and intriguing story packed with shocking twists that will keep you guessing and begging for more.

The Blue Zone is a definite 5 stars and is highly recommended!
Quality Book Reviews

The New and Improved Vivien Leigh Reid: Diva in Control
by Yvonne Collins & Sandy Rideout
Reviewed by Terry South for Quality Book Reviews

Another wonderful read from one of our myspace authors. Reviewing this title was a delightful pleasure!

Vivien, once again seems to be getting herself tangled up in some of the most bizarre situations. She is back on TV, now wearing a costume, but she is eager to prove that she can avoid the diva syndrome this time. In an attempt to reform her reputation, she is thrown into a challenging role that was not quite what she expected. In her new role she is required to perform her own stunts in costume which is complicated to say the least. To further add to her problems are her complicated relationships; her male co-stars don't want to work with her, her future step sisters are determined to make her miserable, and on top of all of this her mother is in the midst of planning her wedding. Now she is falling for one of her co-stars, will her life ever not be so complicated?

Yvonne Collins and Sandy Rideout have a strong imaginative plot from start to finish, and have developed memorable characters. This story is laugh out loud funny, down right hilarious, and is very entertaining. I highly recommend this one without any hesitation!

While reading the story my daughter wanted to know what I was reading and I began telling her about it and since she has taken the book home and has informed me she wants all of the deuts books to read. I am so thankful she has a new found love of reading. Thank you, maybe she will spend more time reading than watching TV. I must also admit that I quite enjoyed the book and will buy the prior books and read before passing along to my daughter.
Quality Book Reviews

by Helen Leung
Reviewed by Terry South for Quality Book Reviews

Here is another one of our myspace authors and with one that you will not want to miss. I read this in 1 day, I could not put it down. The story as the title entails is about a young girl, Toni, whose parents had wanted a boy but got a girl instead. Toni's parents were disappointed, and Toni felt they hated her.

Toni is dropped off a her uncle Steve's house by her parents and they tell her that they will be back a few weeks to get her. Well now here it is four years later, and a police officer finds Toni unconscious and bleeding in a closet at her uncles home. Toni has lived the past four years of her life trying to avoid upsetting her uncle and his terrible temper. The policeman, Matt McKay takes Toni and supports her and we then begin to see her grow. Toni grows into a independent young woman despite her past abuse, stuggles and conflicts.

The story delivers the message of teens struggling with various feelings from fear, hate, and guilt as well as numerous other feelings. I highly recommend this one, especially recommend that all teen girls read as it is sure to help them with the feelings that they too struggle with.

A definite 5 star read.