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Fringe Benefits
By F. M. Meredith
Tigress Press, 2006
ISBN10: 0-977-160-9-X $13.95
Reviewed by: Terry South

Cal Sylvester, a California police officer despises Gordon Butler, who is his rookie partner. Cal does however find his partner’s wife to be hot and has a plan to have her for more than a friend. Cal and Darcy begin a heated romance, after several months Darcy informs Cal she wants and expects more from her men.

In order to keep Darcy in the style she requires, Cal begins to plot the murder of his wife Lee Ann in order to get the money he needs to keep Darcy. He’s plan is to use his wife’s life insurance money, but what about their kids at home? Cal is completely obsessed with Darcy and now needs to fulfill his obsession. Will Cal continue with his plot to kill his wife?

While this book is compact, it delivers a complete read. It combines a luscious blend of police procedurals and thriller, and is a great read. In Fringe Benefits, F. M. Meredith brings a cast of engaging and winsome characters. And most definitely earns 5 stars, and is a must read. Hope there are many more on the way.
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