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Deep Storm
by Lincoln Child
ISBN: 978-0-385-51550-4 $24.95
Reviewed by: Terry South for Quality Book Reviews (03/07)

Do you enjoy a intriguing techno-thriller? Are you a sci-fi fan? The setting is in an Exploratory and Recovery Facility sixty miles off the coast of Greenland and two miles below the Atlantic Ocean. The facility is a cutting-edge research station which is twelve decks high and is surrounded by a titanium dome. The name of the facility is Deep Storm, which was designed to excavate the remains of what was believed to be the ancient civilization of Atlantis, what will they really uncover?

Peter Crane is a former naval physician who has been summoned to the facility in order to contribute his unique expertise in diagnosing rare diseases. Crane is sent to investigate a mysterious disease which is attacking the crew, but first he must agree to the high secrecy before he boards the submarine and is off to the facility. The mysterious disease is affecting the crew/workers both physically and psychologically, the symptoms are diverse, which include nausea, irritability, slurred speech, disorientation, hallucinations and dangerous behaviors. So what began as an archeological dig of the century may end in disaster. As Crane begins to piece all the facts together, the base commander seems to continue to push ahead with the dig in spite of this disease, and to add to everything else that is happening there is someone out to sabotage it all.

Deep Storm is fast paced, suspenseful, and combines techno-thriller, action and adventure packed with espionage, murder, a mysterious disease and pure madness. Lincoln Child has created vivid detail and a suspenseful plot. The characters are well developed and interesting. The story begins a little slow but quickly picks up and you find yourself engaged and not wanting to put this one down. The author provides excellent twist and turns, red-herrings, and a cliff-hanger for an ending, which I am hoping will lead to a sequel as it seems to have left the door open. I have read all of Lincoln Child and Douglas Preston’s books, this was the first Lincoln Child solo that I have read, and I must admit I am hooked.

A highly recommended read, especially for all you sci-fi fans out there, enjoy.
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