Quality Book Reviews

by Christopher Paolini
Knopf Books

This is such a wonderful story, which is the reason children, young teens love it so much. This story is full of action, it also reminds me somewhat of Harry Potter, related to its theme and style. You are able to get lost in the adventures that transpire within the book. It provides magic, mystery, battles, elves, monsterous guys, drangons, were cats, sorcerers, etc all within its pages.

This is a must for all fantasy lovers, you will absolutely fall in love with this book. Astonishing is the fact that the author wrote Eragon at the tender age of 15. This is the first in the trilogy, next to follow in my blog is the review of Eldest which I will be posting next.

I would recommend this to everyone of all age groups not just the young adults. You will enjoy this book, it is a beautiful story of adventure and will wisk you away, even after finishing the book you will be thinking about its characters. A definite 5 star read!
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