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Calling The Dead
by Marilyn Meredith
Mundania Press
ISBN: 1-59426-352-3
Reviewed by: Terry South (Quality Book Reviews)

Calling the Dead is an intriguing mystery which delivers suspense Native Americans who practice in calling back the dead. The story unfolds in Bear Creek California, where Deputy Tempe Crabtree is investigating two deaths. One of the deaths appear to be from natural causes and the other looks to be murder. She investigates these murders by using her insticts and her intuitions as well as investigative tools to solve these crimes. Upon further investigation things become complicated and now the question is was this a murder or an accident or suicide? Other questions arise concerning the two young people who actually reported finding the body, why did they give false names and addresses? And why did they flee so quickly? Then did the other death occur to natural causes or something else? As she continues her investigation into these deaths she is forced to gain answers by use of drastic measures, which puts her own life in danger as she comes closer to solving these deaths.

Marilyn Meredith has her own unique writing style which brings her readers in and allows them to put the pieces together like a puzzle, and to help solve the mystery as they are engaged in the reading of her work. This is a great story with good characterizations, and well developed plot. I highly recommend this book which can be read in a day or two.
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