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Cracking Grace
by Steven Stromp

Cracking Grace is amazing; I have never read anything quite like this before. Talking statutes? Wow, this is gripping. The story is told through the eyes of Audrey, a young girl who has lost her mother. Audrey’s father takes care of the cemetery and is very proud of the statues he has created; they include Mary, Jesus, and two gargoyles. You will also find an eccentric ghost, Mrs. Grant who is trapped in the cemetery after committing suicide, and you will even find a blue bird named Bluebell. The story unfolds after the death of Audrey’s mother; Audrey feels second best to her dead mother and doesn’t feel like she can compete with her dead mother for her father’s attention. Audrey’s father is slipping away due to being consumed by grief.

The novel focuses on grief and the coming to terms with both loss and death. A father unable to accept his wife’s death, a woman trapped in stone, and new found relationships for the daughter, and coming to terms with loss and grieving in different ways are all an intricate part of this story.

I highly recommend this story for everyone, and especially for those who have suffered a loss and are grieving. This is a wonderful story, and very different.

Absolute 5 star read!
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