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A Dirty Business
by Joe Humphrey
Dakarma Publishing, New York, New York
ISBN: 978-0-9787871-0-3 $11.95
Reviewed by: Terry South for book pleasures (03/07)

Are you a crime novel enthusiast? A Dirty Business is the new debut crime novel written by Joe Humphrey, and a recommended read.

Upon recently returning to his home in New York City from the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, Kevin Bailey finds himself both broke and with no where to live. Kevin Bailey has a degree in criminal justice and is in dire need of a job, his friend offers a referral, and Kevin gets a position with Frank Givens detective agency. Kevin is thrown into the agency with his new boss being bombarded and up to his neck with cases. Kevin’s boss decides to give him a test case to start with which is an easy assignment involving a New York City socialite. The woman wants someone to dig up the dirt on her son’s fiancée as the woman believes she is only marrying her son for his money. The clients name is Selena Eldritch, her belief and confidence in Kevin is low from the start based on his appearance, but she confides in him anyway.

Kevin is determined to show both his client and his new boss that he has what it takes to get the job done and done well at that. Selena provides Kevin with a photo of her son Edward Eldritch and his fiancée Donna Greenwood. Kevin begins his investigation and starts following Edward in which he finds takes him hours outside of Manhattan. Kevin follows Edward to Cold Spring which is a small historical village where Edward meets with a brunette. Kevin then follows both of them into a local tavern, where he then learns that the brunettes name is Donna Greenwood. So who is the blonde in the photo? Why does Selena believe the blonde to be Donna Greenwood? What painful truths lie ahead?

As Kevin begins to dig deeper into the case he discovers some very intriguing facts. Kevin finds that the blond has been missing for a couple of years and discovers that the police have even deserted the investigation into Norma Vidon’s disappearance. Kevin keeps digging and discovers some weird obsessions in play, and dead bodies begin turning up. What seemed in the beginning to be an easy ordinarily simple assignment has now turned into a complex assignment and enough of one for Kevin to really prove himself. What else with he uncover along this path?

There are plenty of twists and turns to keep you guessing throughout the entirety of the book. If you enjoy a touch of romance, mystery and suspense with your crime, you will love this debut novel. Joe Humphrey has a strong imaginative plot from start to finish, and has witty, memorable characters. A true page turner and a recommended read. I am in anticipation of the next one by Joe Humphrey.
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