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Meeting with Dr. Bill Bass and Jon Jefferson (Jefferson Bass)

What a wonderful Valentine's Day! I met with Dr. Bill Bass and Jon Jefferson the writing team known as Jefferson Bass. They are the author's of: "Deaths Acre: The Body Farm", "Carved In Bone" and "Flesh and Bone". What a wonderful set of men, Dr. Bill Bass arrived an hour early, so I got some alone time to talk with him. Dr. Bass has a wonderful out going personality, we talked about many things, he even was inquisitive of my being a nurse, a grandmother, and as my being a reviewer. He even made the wonderful comment "you do not look old enough to be a grandmother".

Jon Jefferson arrived 15 minutes before the scheduled time. They were conducting a book signing in Maryville, TN at Hastings. There were so many people that were there to meet them and to have their books autographed. Alot of the people were buying 2 of each of his books to have autographed. I of course already had all 3 books in my collection which I brought with me, but I only had the Body Farm in softcover so I bought the hardback version.

Dr. Bass told Jon Jefferson that I was a reviewer and he was very appreciative of what reviewers do and ask that I please keep up the good work. He even inquired if I had performed any reviews on any of their work and ask for the websites. I told them I was going to let everyone know about the meeting tonight and would be posting pictures.

Well I was in such a tizzy that I walked out and forgot my camera, so they arranged to have pictures made. I will be picking those pictures up in a few days and will be posting those as well.
I am a very big fan of their's and just love their new series, I would recommend that anyone who is a fan of Patricia Cornwell or Kathy Reichs add Jefferson Bass to their Must Have lists.

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